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Tri Pack Supplies Ltd is committed to the principles of sustainability. We recognise that our activities impact upon the environment and accept a responsibility for and a commitment to the protection of the environment at all levels.

Packaging quite often receives negative publicity, but it is essential for many businesses; most packaging users have to protect their goods and handlers from harm during storage and transportation. In some cases a product's packaging and labelling provides important information, security and compliance to meet government regulations.

Taking this into consideration, Tri Pack Supplies Ltd always looks for ways to minimise the impact packaging has on the environment, without compromising product protection. We endeavour to reduce the amount of packaging customers need to use; wherever possible we will reuse and always recycle.

Our Environmental Policy

Concern for health, safety and the environment is the foundation on which our business policy is built; it is at the heart of our business. Tri Pack Supplies Ltd is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment as an integral part of its business management.

We are always seeking new ways to minimise environmental impact. Everyone is responsible for good environmental performance and we incorporate environmental considerations into all our business activities.

The following principles provide the framework to help us set goals to promote continual improvements in environmental performance and to deliver and maintain a culture that achieves the performance to which we aspire.

  • Consider key suppliers' environmental policies and credentials as part of the process for their evaluation and selection, promoting a purchasing policy which favours those products and services which cause the least harm to the environment
  • Reducing adverse environmental impacts arising from our activities
  • Ensuring efficient usage of materials and energy
  • Minimising and efficiently managing the waste we generate and reuse or recycle waste materials whenever economically feasible
  • Incorporating the principle of sustainable development
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable legal requirements
  • Strive for continuous environmental improvement through the setting and reviewing of objectives and targets


We identify areas of significant impact on the environment and set appropriate objectives and targets to minimise that impact.

Environmental initiatives will be progressed in partnership with interested parties and communicated to relevant stakeholders.

Continued environmental improvement is reliant on the commitment and contribution of every member of staff to ensure maximum benefits are achieved.