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Packing Monitor Labels


Shock Watch

A self adhesive label measuring 100mm x 100mm incorporating a glass tube which activates by turning red when the article to which it has been attached is dropped from above to a pre-determined height. There are five colour coded sensitivities designed to activate at certain drop heights. The Shock Watch sensitivity should be based on product fragility, container cushioning type and design. Field trials are recommended to determine the correct sensitivity relative to product damage.
  Code W(mm) L(mm) Colour Detail
Add to Favourites SW/L-30 100 100 Green Average Activation Height 120cm
Add to Favourites SW/L-35 100 100 Orange Average Activation Height 90cm
Add to Favourites SW/L-47 100 100 Red Average Activation Height 47cm
Add to Favourites SW/L-55 100 100 Purple Average Activation Height 33cm
Add to Favourites SW/L-65 100 100 Yellow Average Activation Height 30cm

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Drop'n Tell

The Drop 'n Tell system includes two warning labels and is manufactured in six different ranges (5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 50G and 100G). The device monitoring 5 times the force of gravity is very sensitive. The device monitoring 100 times the force of gravity requires a greater impact to activate. Attach the Drop 'n Tell to your product by removing the liner on the back to expose the adhesive or screw/nail it using the holes on each end.
  Code Description
Add to Favourites DROPTELL5G Drop 'n Tell 5G
Add to Favourites DROPTELL10G Drop 'n Tell 10G
Add to Favourites DROPTELL15G Drop 'n Tell 15G
Add to Favourites DROPTELL25G Drop 'n Tell 25G
Add to Favourites DROPTELL50G Drop 'n Tell 50G
Add to Favourites DROPTELL100G Drop 'n Tell 100G

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Tip 'n Tell

Tip'n Tell is a brightly coloured device that product handlers quickly recognise. It includes a system of labels that warns all handlers of a monitoring device. The Tip'n Tell can be mounted on the inside or outside of your shipment. The Tip'n Tell is activated by pulling the bar in the centre of the device. Attach it to either your product or shipping container by removing the liner on the back to expose the adhesive. You may also attach the Tip'n Tell by nailing or stapling it to the container. If your product is tipped slightly less than 90 degrees or beyond, the clear arrow becomes permanently blue. Your customer can then immediately check for damage.
  Code Description
Add to Favourites TIPTELL Tip 'n Tell

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